Two Decades of Diligent Service

Our experience in this industry has been built from that of a tiny operation, brick by brick, on learnings big and small. This keeps us close to our customer always, in understanding the most basic of requirements.

Client-Oriented Service

We place customer satisfaction at the core of our business.  Our aim is to provide our customers with customized, world-class cuisine delivered with a high quality of service.

Client-Specific Solutions

We will customize menus that will suit industries. Menus are also provided for client events, conferences, client visits and parties.

Home-grown Corporate

We are completely Indian in the way we think and serve our customers, within a corporate framework. Fusion has SOPs and systems in place for ease of perations, but is adaptable to people and situations to optimise client-specific delivery.

A 100% Compliant Company

Legal and HR statutory compliance is the backbone of all our policies and operations. More details here.

Quick Set-up and Turnaround Time

With almost two decades of experience in the region, our command, and control setup ensures clear communication and logistics, to instantly deliver materials, to make food, with very strong safety audits, at the various client locations.

Lean Escalation Matrix for Problem-Solving

Our top management are available for clients 24 x 7, ensuring that problem-solving is simple and without hierarchy.

Minimal Client Attrition

Our Customers are Always First. Our priority and focus has always remained this, ensuring minimum client attrition.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Respect for Diversity is a core value for Fusion Foods. We believe that our employees are at the heart of our organisation, and there is no discrimination in our workplace or processes. Employees are expected to own this value of non-discrimination, treating each other with dignity and respect. Take a look at our Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Statement here.


  • Catering Across Industries
  • Easily Replicable Working Structure
  • SOPs for Quick Set-Up
  • Menu Offerings Across Cuisines
  • Over 1,200 Trained Personnel


Wholesome Service and Delivery

  1. 1
    Customised Health and Diet Menus

    For clients who want that something more, we have options to add on health and diet menus, as per their requirements.

  2. 2
    Balanced Menus Using Local Produce

    Our material sourcing is localised, not just ensuring freshness of produce, but also that we patronise local vendors. Also, our menus are balanced ensuring that clients eat healthy.

  3. 3
    Addressing Workplace Conflict / Communications

    Our robust HR, through its various initiatives, ensures that employee-engagement remains its focus

  4. 4
    Health Education and Promotion

    Health check-ups, workshops and awareness programmes ensure that our employees are healthy and maintain hygiene practices.

Our Three Pillars

  • SOPs
  • Ability to handle scale
  • Teams in sync across every operation
  • Catering to a varied client profile; therefore understanding of varied industry requirements
  • Back-ups in place
  • Quick set-up and turnaround times
  • Timely delivery of food across sessions, every time
  • Ability to handle client-requirements at short notice
  • Stringent checks
  • Certification
  • Quality, health, safety & environment practises
  • Compliance
  • Policies and procedures